How to prepare two simple and delicious diet foods for dinner

How to prepare two simple and delicious diet foods for dinner

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How to prepare two simple and delicious diet foods for dinner

Dinner is an important meal that must be eaten. Do not eat dinner because it is the last meal of your day and it is far from the next meal, if not consumed, it will cause nervous hunger, nausea and restless sleep at night. Also, eating heavy food instead of diet foods for dinner is very harmful for the body. Eating a heavy dinner puts pressure on the digestive system. Try to know how to prepare some diet food for dinner or even if you go to one of the beautiful restaurants in Rasht for dinner, use diet food.

Diet food for dinner

To improve your health, sleep well and prevent weight gain. Eat a simple diet and dinner at night. There is a great variety of diet foods, and in this section, Rijan Restaurant, the best restaurant in Rasht, has considered two items of diet and delicious food for you.

How to prepare vegetable omelette

ingredientsthe amount of
Mushroomsnumber 4
an onion1 x
Eggplant1 x
tomato1 x
Carrots1 x
eggnumber 2
Oil2 spoon
tomato paste1 spoon
Zucchini1 x
Bell pepperA little to decorate
Salt, pepper, garlic powder, turmeric, cinnamonTo the extent necessary
How to prepare two simple and delicious diet foods for dinner


First, chop the onions and fry with some oil. Then add turmeric and salt. Chop the eggplants finely and add to the ingredients in the dish and add about a quarter of a glass of water and put it in the dish until the eggplants are well cooked.

Then after about 10 minutes, remove from the pan and mash the softened eggplants a little. At this stage, chop the squash like an eggplant and add it to the ingredients along with the chopped mushrooms and put it in it. Wait a while and after a while remove from the pan to mash the squash.

Now chop the tomatoes and carrots and add to the ingredients. Add tomato paste, cinnamon, turmeric and garlic powder to the ingredients in this bowl and mix well.

Finally, add the eggs to the ingredients. Your diet omelet is ready. You can pour it in a bowl and serve it any way you want. You can also use sweet peppers or fragrant vegetables to decorate.

How to make noodle soup with chicken

ingredientsthe amount of
Carrotsnumber 2
noodle100 g
Garlic2 drops
Chicken breast1 x
an onion1 x
potato1 x
salt and pepperTo the extent necessary
Chopped parsley2 spoon
How to prepare two simple and delicious diet foods for dinner


First, peel and chop the potatoes, then chop the carrots and put them in a bowl with the potatoes and put them on the heat with two glasses of water to soften them.

Then in another bowl, cook the chicken with the fried onion and garlic and four glasses of water. Chop the cooked chicken and return it to the pot. Cook the noodles according to the special recipe on the package.

Now add the noodles, boiled potatoes, carrots and chopped parsley to the chicken, onion and garlic mixture and let your soup simmer over a low flame for a while. Then serve this soup in the desired dish.

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