The trick of making barberry pilaf with chicken

The trick of making barberry pilaf with chicken

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The trick of making barberry pilaf with chicken

Barberry pilaf with chicken is one of the most popular Iranian dishes that comes to mind in the first case for parties. It may seem like a simple meal at first glance, but if you are careful, some people make this food much tastier. In this article, we will teach you some of the tricks of making this food more delicious, and also people who live in Rasht are suggested that if you have a craving for barberry pilaf with chicken at home, and the time to make it If you did not have it, you can prepare and taste this delicious food in person from Reezhan Tourism Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurants in Rasht . Or you can spend happy times with your family in the best restaurant in Rasht and taste this food there.

How to prepare barberry pilaf with chicken

  • Chicken: 2 pieces
  • Onions: 1 medium
  • Carrots: 1 pc
  • Oil: as needed
  • Salt, pepper and zucchini: as needed
  • Brewed saffron
  • Lemon juice: 1 spoon
  • Barberry + sugar: as needed
  • Tomato paste: 2 tablespoons
  • Celery stalk: 2 pieces
The trick of making barberry pilaf with chicken

In the first step, you have to season the chickens with spices and onions from the night before and mix them. Then put cellophane on it and put it in the refrigerator.

In the next step, the food sauce must be prepared. To prepare barberry pilaf sauce, pour some oil in a frying pan and put it on a medium heat to heat the oil. Then add the grated onions and fry until light and caramelized. Then add the tomato paste to the onions and fry until the paste smells raw.

Pour a little oil in another frying pan and fry the seasoned chicken in it until it is fried around them.

Then place the fried chicken with a glass of boiling water, bay leaf and cinnamon stick in the onion sauce and tomato paste and allow the chicken to cook with the ingredients on a low flame. After half an hour, add salt to the chickens and turn them over to cook the food completely.

When the chickens are fully cooked and the sauce thickens. Check the taste of the chickens and add salt to the food if needed. You can also add some steamed saffron to the chickens in the last minutes of cooking. Do not forget to remove the cinnamon stick and bay leaf from the chicken sauce.

The size of chicken pieces

For a formal occasion, you can divide the whole chicken into four pieces. That is, the chicken leg and chicken thigh are together and the chicken breast is complete. But for family parties, you can use more pieces.

Use vegetables to cook

There are many vegetables that are used to cook chicken, which creates a great taste of chicken and also smells like chicken broth. For example, using celery stalks, carrots and peppers and frying them makes the chicken taste great. Parsley leaves, grated orange and lemon peels, parsley are also used to make chicken.

Amount of water for cooking chicken

The presence of a large amount of water in chicken stew reduces the quality of the stew. Therefore, reduce the amount of chicken juice and keep the heat gentle so that it does not lose a lot of water during cooking.

The trick of making barberry pilaf with chicken

A few tips in preparing barberry pilaf with chicken

You can use the right onions in cooking chicken, so you can put 2 or 3 small onions in it.

Instead of chicken, you can also use turkey.

If you like, you can leave the chicken skin on it because it creates a delicious taste.

Do not put saffron on the heat too much because its aroma disappears.

It is good to use butter or fresh oil for frying barberry.

In serving food, you can pour a tablespoon of sliced ​​pistachios on the barberries so that its green color along with the redness of the barberry makes the food look more beautiful.

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