Recipe for several types of food with green beans

Recipe for several types of food with green beans

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Recipe for several types of food with green beans

Green beans or Istanbul beans are agricultural products of Gilan province that are planted and harvested in spring. Green beans are very useful, fat-free and low in calories. As you know, Gilan is one of the provinces that has a high variety of food and restaurants in Rasht and other cities in this province offer you the best.

Many dishes can be prepared from this delicious product, in which the best restaurant in Rasht has prepared recipes for several delicious food models.

How to prepare several models of food with green beans

Recipes for some easy and delicious meals can be a good help for women, especially employees, who take less time. The presence of many properties in green beans causes this product to be considered and used more in foods.

How to prepare green bean feed

ingredientsthe amount of
Chopped green beans400 g
Carrots are preciousthree numbers
Peas100 g
fried onion2 tbsp
Garlic1 pill
Salt, pepper, cinnamonTo the extent necessary
Stewed meat200 g
tomato paste1 tbsp
Recipe for several types of food with green beans

Roast the meat with the onion and garlic. Then add the paste and pepper. Pour a glass of water into your mixture and place on a low flame to absorb the water. Put the green beans, carrots and peas in the pan to cook a little and add another glass of water and let it cook over a low flame. The point is, if you use canned peas, add the last half hour to your ingredients.

When it is still juicy, add the spices and let the juice soak in the oil. You can also fry and serve potatoes with this dish.

How to prepare green beans with chicken

ingredientsthe amount of
Chicken breastnumber 2
Green beansHalf a kilogram
tomatonumber 4
Carrots3 Number
Lemon oil and juiceTo the extent necessary
potatonumber 2
Garlic2 drops
an onionnumber 2
tomato paste3 tablespoons
Salt, pepper, zestTo the extent necessary
Recipe for several types of food with green beans

First, chop the chicken breast into medium cubes and set aside. Finely chop the onion and fry. Then add the garlic and add the chopped chicken to the ingredients and fry all the ingredients well.

Next, chop the beans into large pieces. Chop the hooch into large slices and grate the potatoes. Then peel the tomatoes and grate the tomatoes with a coarse grater.

After you fry the onion and chicken. Add green beans, carrots and potatoes. Roast them with chicken and onion and add grated tomatoes, paste and spices.

Pour a little boiling water into the ingredients and let it cook over a gentle heat and let the food settle. This dish can be served with fresh lemon juice.

How to prepare green beans

ingredientsthe amount of
Rice3 glasses
Cooked chicken breast3 pieces
eggnumber 4
an onionnumber 2
BarberryA cup
Green beans1 kg
Low fat yogurtA glass
Savory and tarragon200 g
Brewed saffronenough
Salt, pepper, turmericenough
Recipe for several types of food with green beans

First, fry the onion in two tablespoons of oil, then add the finely chopped green beans.

Next, add the chicken breast and barberry to the ingredients.

After frying, add salt, turmeric and black pepper. These prepared materials are the bottom ingredients.

Drain the rice and pour into large bowls, then add the yogurt, eggs and melted saffron and mix well.

Finally, choose a large pan with a lid. Pour a tablespoon of oil into the pan, add half the rice, then spread the broth and beans, and finally add the rest of the rice.

Place the pan on a low heat and wait for your food to be ready and served.

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