History of the formation of restaurants

History of the formation of restaurants

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History of the formation of restaurants

Dining rooms and restaurants are the most important institutions and centers in any country. The beginning of the formation of places where people could eat and drink dates back to the French Revolution. In this section, we examine the history of the emergence and formation of restaurants in the world and of course in Iran. If you are interested in knowing this history, join us.

History of restaurant formation

Origin of restaurants

From the beginning of civilization, the idea of ​​creating places to offer and sell food to earn money arose. Public places where a variety of foods were served and people came to eat there have existed since the time of the Roman and Chinese empires. At that time, farmers who went to the cities to sell their produce sometimes traveled for several days. Therefore, the need was felt that places should be created on the roads and paths to rest and eat. So places were created where some food was served on a large table. But it was not possible for the customer to choose the food and the food was chosen by the local chef.

The growth of restaurants following the French Revolution

In medieval France, there was a law that allowed each class to sell only a certain food. And it would be a crime to sell anything other than licensed food. Bolanger was a person who sold cooked lamb at work. This led to his arrest. But the interesting thing was that he was a slave in court. This led to the fact that places selling food continued to operate in Paris for the next twenty years.

After the deaths of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, their personal chefs set up their own restaurants, which expanded the food business. And after that, with the expansion and variety of menus, it was possible for customers to choose food in these restaurants.

The world’s first established restaurant

As mentioned, the first restaurant in France was opened by Boulanger. He set up shops offering a varied menu of soups, believing they were important to health, and chose the title restaurers to mean freshness for his shops. Many restaurants around the world are now called Bolanger.

History of restaurant formation

History of the formation of restaurants in Iran

Nezafat Hotel was established and recognized as the first hotel with a new style in Iran. This guest house was established in 1321 by Ishaq Khan Moezzal Doleh in Tabriz. Ishaq Khan demolished the large inn known as the Sheriff’s Caravanserai he had inherited and built a building with many rooms, a kitchen and a dining hall. After the construction of this building, it was named Nezafat Guest House. Therefore, the first restaurant established in Iran dates back to this period.

History of restaurant formation

Gradually, inns, eateries, and restaurants were gradually established in various cities. As a result, restaurants became popular places among the people. In addition to visiting restaurants in their hometown, people are always looking for the best restaurants to eat when traveling to other cities. Especially cities like Rasht, which have a high diversity in terms of food and there are many fans of local food in this area. So without a doubt, people will be looking for the best restaurant in this city. Rijan Tourism Restaurant as the best restaurant in Rasht is always ready to serve to offer the best and highest quality food.

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