Foods that we can prepare with minced meat

Foods that we can prepare with minced meat

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Foods that we can prepare with minced meat

Minced meat is always one of the most important and widely used ingredients that is used in the preparation of various Iranian and world foods. And mainly because of its popularity, the dishes that are cooked with minced meat are tasty and have many fans. Especially for meat eaters. Due to the importance of this food in the culinary sector, especially for us Iranians in this sector, we will introduce various ways of prepare with minced meat.

Mince Meat

In general, minced meat is obtained by grinding beef, veal or mutton with a meat grinder. Because minced meat is cooked and prepared in less time than healthy meat, it is commonly used in the preparation and cooking of fast food. Therefore, knowing how to prepare different types of food with minced meat is of special importance.

How to prepare food with minced meat

There is a great variety of foods in the types of foods that are cooked with minced meat. Foods made with minced meat are generally simple and quick, and are used when we do not have much time to cook. Join us to introduce some of these foods to you.

Meat cutlets: 

One of the most famous and familiar dishes prepared with minced meat is cutlets. Cutlets are a popular and memorable dish that we all remember from childhood. This food is one of the foods that is generally eaten with bread, but in some areas it is also served with rice. In preparing this food, ingredients such as minced meat, potatoes, eggs, onions and spices are used.

Meatball Tabrizi:

This food is one of the most popular local dishes in Azerbaijan and Tabriz. But because of its delicious taste in other cities and provinces of the country, it is also used as a meal. Tabrizi meatballs are prepared with ingredients such as minced meat, cobs, rice, eggs, tomato paste and spices. It is a complete meal and can be served with bread.

Rice and beans:

Bean pilaf with minced meat is one of the foods that, if prepared properly, is one of the most delicious foods in our region. In mixed pilafs such as bean pilaf, in addition to the taste of food, its color and glaze are also of special importance.


Lasagna is one of the most popular international dishes that uses minced meat in its preparation. It’s also one of the foods that children are particularly interested in. This dish is prepared from ingredients including sheet pasta, sauce, mushrooms, minced meat and pizza cheese.

How to prepare food with minced meat

Grilled pan:

Kebabs are always one of the most delicious and popular Iranian dishes. Kebab pan is a delicious food that can be used as a suitable food for dinner. On the other hand, if this kebab is cooked properly and well, it can also be served in different gatherings.

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