A few tricks to prevent food from sticking to the dish

A few tricks to prevent food from sticking to the dish

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A few tricks to prevent food from sticking to the dish

One of the most enjoyable and enjoyable tasks of the day is cooking. But knowing the various ways and wells and tricks helps us a lot to prevent food from sticking to the dish. One of the most difficult tasks is to clean the grease and food attached to the container, which wastes a lot of our time.

Various tips to prevent food from sticking to the dish

Fortunately, there are tricks to prevent food from sticking to the dish, which Reezhan Tourism Restaurant, one of the restaurants in Rasht , teaches you in this article to solve the problem of food sticking to the dish and similar problems, as well as your dishes. Stay healthy and take less time.

You can use olive oil

One effective way to prevent food from sticking to the pan is to pour a little olive oil on the bottom. You can pour a small amount of this oil into the container and spread it on all parts. Or use a clean cloth to do this and make sure that the entire surface of the container is soaked in oil. Make sure it is hot enough before adding the food to the oil. Of course, not too much oil should be hot in the pan to burn.

A few tricks to keep your food from sticking to the dish

Add some salt

Pour a thin layer of oil into the pan to prevent food from sticking to the aluminum pans. Then add a pinch of salt and spread it all over the pan. Of course, excessive salt intake causes a bad effect on the taste of our food, which we should be careful about.

Get help from apple cider vinegar

You can add a little apple cider vinegar after pouring the oil in a bowl or pan. Of course, you have to let the apple cider vinegar heat up slowly and evaporate completely before you start cooking. This is the trick of sticking your food to the dish.

Consume natural butter

You can use a small spoonful of natural butter to grease the frying pan. If you use natural butter to cook eggs, sausages and other foods, you will not have a problem sticking them to the frying pan. To prevent the butter from burning, use a gentle heat and add a small amount of salt.

Do not use metal spoons

Metal spoons should not be used when using non-stick pans. Because it destroys the container, it destroys the non-stick property of the container over time. You can use wooden or plastic spoons in this molar to keep your dishes healthy.

 Do not use the washing wire

Some people try to clean the smallest material stuck on the dish or frying pan using different things. Stiff wires and scotch tape with scratches can scratch the pan and damage the bottom of the pan. If you want your utensils to last longer, try using sponges and soft wipes to clean them.

A few tricks to keep your food from sticking to the dish

Do not stack dishes

Stacking Teflon pans on top of each other will cause bumps and scratches on them. The material of this type of dishes is very sensitive. This should be avoided so that their non-stick properties are not lost.

Dry the dishes well before stacking and arranging them on the shelf

After washing your frying pan and dishes well. You need to dry them before putting them in your cabinets and shelves. Leave them in the open air to dry well so that the remaining moisture on them does not cause mold and problems.

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