Kermanshahi slice stew in the best restaurant in Rasht

Kermanshahi slice stew in the best restaurant in Rasht

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Kermanshahi slice stew in the best restaurant in Rasht

Iranian cities have a variety of attractive local foods that are generally welcomed in other cities and provinces. Kermanshahi slice stew is one of the most popular local dishes belonging to Kermanshah. In Kermanshah, this stew is used in meetings, ceremonies and special days. In this article, while providing training for preparing Kermanshahi sliced ​​stew, we invite you to enjoy Kermanshahi sliced ​​stew in the best restaurant in Rasht.

Kermanshahi stew in the best restaurant in Rasht

The wonderful aroma and taste of this stew can be considered due to the use of ingredients such as barberry, Omani lemon, cinnamon and rose. In the traditional and local way of preparing this stew, animal oils are generally used. In the main and traditional case, stew sliced ​​Kermanshah is prepared with mutton or beef, but in some cases, white meats such as chicken can also be used to cook it. Another thing that makes this stew a special stew is that it can be cooked and consumed without meat and as a vegetable cocoa. In preparing this stew, we need grated onion and a lot of meat.

Ingredients for preparing Kermanshahi sliced ​​stew

Mutton or beef as needed

Almond slices in the required amount (proportional to the amount of meat)

Onions in the required amount


Cardamom powder



Salt, pepper and turmeric

Concentrated brewed saffron

animal oil

tomato paste

Cinnamon stick

Black Barberry

Liquid oil

How to prepare Kermanshahi slice stew

Chop the onions and pour in a suitable amount of oil and fry over a low flame. Then add a little turmeric. Then add the minced meat and fry a little. Then pour boiling water on it until the surface of the meat is full. And we wait for the meat to be undercooked on a low flame.

In the next step, fry the tomato paste in a little oil. Then brew with slices and saffron and add to the meat. Put on heat to cook meats and slices. After the meats are completely cooked, add lemon zest, rose, cinnamon, salt and black pepper and put on a gentle heat. Fry the washed barberries in a little oil, then add to the mixture. After ten minutes, when the stew is completely set, remove from the flame, remove the cinnamon sticks and serve.

Kermanshahi slice stew Reezhan restaurant The best restaurant in Rasht

Kermanshahi stew of Reezhan restaurant, the best restaurant in Rasht , is very colorful and fragrant. To prepare this stew, Rajan uses fresh and warm meats of lamb and beef, which give it a delicious aroma and taste. On the other hand, the use of Kermanshah essential oil in this stew gives it a unique taste.

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