Kermanshahi original kebab rib rice in the best restaurant in Rasht

Kermanshahi original kebab rib rice in the best restaurant in Rasht

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Kermanshahi original kebab rib rice in the best restaurant in Rasht

Kermanshah local food always has many fans and is one of the most popular local food in Iran. In the meantime, Kermanshahi original kebab ribs have a special place. In this article, while providing training on preparing authentic Kermanshahi kebab ribs, we invite you to enjoy Kermanshahi kebab ribs in the best restaurant in Rasht.

What is a barbecue rib?

Kebab ribs are somewhat similar to shish kebabs and are one of the most delicious local foods in Kermanshah province. Kebab ribs are made by flavoring mutton ribs with tomato paste, saffron and special spices. Some people confuse kebab ribs with skewers while the two are different. Minced meat is also used in preparing kebab ribs. We offer you the experience of this native and original food of Kermanshah.

Ingredients for preparing Kermanshahi kebab ribs

  • Mutton ribs in the required amount
  • Salt and black pepper as needed
  • Concentrated steamed saffron in the required amount
  • Lemon juice in the required amount
  • Liquid oil and Kermanshahi oil in the required amount
  • Tomato paste in the required amount

Kermanshahi kebab rib preparation method

There are different methods for preparing original Kermanshahi kebab ribs, and in this section we will teach you one of these methods.

To prepare the original Kermanshahi kebab rib, in the first stage, we separate the sheep ribs wide. We insert a few skewers into it together so that they can support the weight of the gear. In the next step, hit the ribs with the back of a kitchen knife and place the beaten ribs in the refrigerator.

In the next step, we will prepare the sauce for this food. Pour some oil in the pan and put it on a medium flame. Add tomato paste and stir until golden brown. Add salt, pepper and spices along with Kermanshahi oil and stir again to thicken. Remove the pan and place it in a corner.

In the next step, place the kebab skewers on the grill with a gentle flame and rub the sauce on both sides of the ribs with a brush. After making sure that the ribs are cooked, remove them from the flame and rub more sauce on them. And separate from the skewer.

Kebab ribs of Rijan restaurant, the best restaurant in Rasht

If we are asked about the best experience when traveling to the countryside, food lovers say without delay that eating kebabs with fresh summer meat. Reezhan Tourism Restaurant, the best restaurant in Rasht, is ready to make this pleasant experience permanent with you. The original Kermanshahi ribs of Kermanshahi restaurant are prepared from fresh meat of young male sheep and lambs. These meats are usually prepared from the summer. The warmth and freshness of these meats keep the true aroma and taste of the meat preserved and do not lose their taste and properties like frozen meats. You do not need to use many harmful additives to flavor these meats, and we can achieve the best taste with just a little onion and a simple sauce.

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