How to prepare step by step Ghimeh Nisar for the house + a few tips in preparing it

How to prepare step by step Ghimeh Nisar for the house + a few tips in preparing it

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How to prepare step by step Ghimeh Nisar for the house + a few tips inpreparing it

Ghimeh Nisar is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes, which is from the category of pilaf food. The originality of this delicious food is related to Qazvin. This food is mostly prepared at parties, weddings and weddings in Qazvin and is very tasty and delicious. Once you test it, you add it to your list of favorite foods. Rijan Tourism Restaurant, the best restaurant in Rasht, has ordered you to prepare the original Nisar stuffing to prepare and taste with your family, or you can order it from Rasht restaurants .

Ingredients for preparing Ghimeh Nisarg

ingredientsthe amount of
RiceThree scales
Large oniontwo items
Barberry100 g
Cinnamon stickthree numbers
Sugar powderTwo tablespoons
Slice pistachios and almonds100 g
Meat500 g
Brewed saffron2 tablespoons
tomato paste3 tablespoons
Salt, pepper, turmericAs needed
How to prepare step by step stuffing for the house + a few tips in preparing it

The order of preparation of Ghimeh Nisar

First, chop the meat, then chop the onions finely. Pour a little oil in a bowl and fry the onions, when golden, add the meat to cook with the onions.

In a bowl, fry the tomato paste well until the oil turns red and the tomato paste changes color and smells raw.

Then add the tomato paste to the roasted meat and add the Darjeen sticks, spices and brewed saffron to it, and pour 2 glasses of water on the ingredients and turn down the heat so that the meats cook well and taste good. To hang.

First, pour water into a pot and add a little salt to it and put the lid on the pot so that the water boils sooner. Wash the rice and pour it into boiling water and let it cook for 5 minutes. Then test the rice under the teeth. If the area around it was fully cooked and the kernels were a little firm, you should drain the rice.

Then choose a pot and pour a little oil on the bottom and pour the rice into the pot little by little with a fork. Put the lid on the pot to cook the rice and cook.

Pour a little oil in a pan and put it on a low heat and fry the sliced ​​almonds, sliced ​​pistachios and barberry in the oil and add a little powdered sugar to it and mix it together, make sure that the barberry is a little soft. It is enough to remove the pan from the flame because the barberries may burn.

Now separate the meats and shave and mix the prepared rice with a little saffron. Put white rice in a dish and garnish it with saffron rice and garnish the saffron rice with shaved meat and a mixture of barberry, almond and pistachio and serve the minced meat with Shirazi salad.

How to prepare step by step stuffing for the house + a few tips in preparing it

Key points in preparing Ghimeh Nisar

  • You can add a little rose water to the meat at the end of cooking to make the minced meat fragrant and fragrant.
  • It is good to use solid oil to prepare the stew.
  • You can add a little saffron powder for frying to make the onions more colorful.
  • The finer you chop the onions, the tastier the stew will be.
  • If you cook minced meat for a party, it is better to chop the meat coarser.

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