Tips to pay attention to when cooking rice

Tips to pay attention to when cooking rice

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Tips to pay attention to when cooking rice

In the first stage, brewing and cooking rice may seem like a simple task. But according to a number of points in cooking rice, a positive difference can be observed in the taste and shape of rice. One of the best rice is Gilani local rice, which has a pleasant aroma and taste. If you have traveled to this beautiful province, be sure to know its pleasant taste and aroma. Or if you have been browsing in restaurants in Rasht , you have experienced different methods of cooking local rice in this province.

Rijan Tourism Restaurant, as the best restaurant in Rasht, has prepared a different and unique aroma of local rice for you with the bottom of a saffron pot and Kermanshahi oil, which you can go there with your family and enjoy the taste of this rice along with the food. Enjoy your interest.

Rice is better or drained

Many people believe that drained rice reduces the starch in rice. If this belief is wrong and draining the rice will cause a loss of much of the soluble fiber in it. It also reduces the nutritional value of rice. However, phloem rice is more popular among people.

Tips to pay attention to when cooking rice

Tips on cooking drained rice and cat

  • When the cat is cooking and when the rice is boiling in water, you notice that it is salty. Pour a few slices of peeled potato into the rice water. To remove the salinity of food.
  • If you notice that it is salty before draining the rice. When draining, pour more water on it.
  • One of the important points in cooking rice as a phloem is to add a little oil and lemon juice when boiling it in water so that the rice does not stick together and fall apart.
  • If you want your rice to be white. When the rice is boiling, add a few cardamom seeds or a piece of cinnamon stick. This will both make your rice taste good and prevent your rice from dying.
Tips to pay attention to when cooking rice
  • A dish in which rice boils and you brew rice in it. It needs to be two-thirds empty so that the rice does not spoil and has room to open.
  • To whiten the rice, you can use a few tablespoons of yogurt in boiling rice.
  • You have to be more careful to cook Iranian rice. If Iranian rice is fresh. You should not soak or boil it too much as your rice will spoil.
  • To know when is the right time to drain your rice. Take one of the boiling rice grains and mash it between your fingers or put it in your mouth. Rice kernels should not be hard and dry.
  • If you forget to add salt to rice, do not worry at all. When cooking rice, mix the required amount of salt with a small amount of water and oil and pour it on your rice. This will eliminate the saltiness of your rice. Never pour salt directly into the oil. Because salt is not soluble in oil.
Tips to pay attention to when cooking rice

Additional tips on brewing and cooking rice

The factor that causes the difference in the result of the work. One is the amount of boiling rice and the other is the amount of water. Which is added to rice in the form of water and oil or alone. This water evaporates when the rice is brewed and is absorbed by the rice due to not leaving it in the closed space of the pot. The higher the amount, the softer and softer or crushed the rice.

As a result, the amount of water that we add to rice should not be too much, for example, 5 cups of Iranian rice rice cooker, 3 to 4 tablespoons of water is enough, and for this amount of foreign rice, if it is a little more, there is no problem. Even this amount can be changed when softer rice is poured into the drain.

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