Suitable food for nature walks and short trips

Suitable food for nature walks and short trips

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Suitable food for nature walks and short trips

One of the good and relaxing experiences in life is exploring the nature around us. If you are a nature lover, you know that in addition to accessories such as sleeping bags and tents, suitable food for nature tours is also important. Because in such trips, it is necessary to have enough energy. Having the necessary energy will help you to enjoy the trip. In this article, Reezhan’s blog introduces you to food suitable for nature tourism.

Suitable food for nature walks and short trips

Suitable food for nature walks in different meals

One of the things that occupies our minds when traveling and nature is choosing the right food for nature walks.

Offer food for breakfast

The best offer for breakfast in nature and travel is scrambled eggs or boiled eggs. Scrambled eggs, egg and tomato omelette, omelette with sausage, omelette with ham and bell pepper are suitable for preparation in nature. In addition to selected foods, you can also use tomatoes, vegetables and onions to create a good taste.

You can also get creative and make pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes are very easy to prepare, but only if you prepare them in advance.

Suitable food for nature walks and short trips

Offer food for lunch or dinner

  • Canned food

Canned food is one of the simplest and most convenient food for nature lovers. When preparing canned food, be sure to pay attention to its expiration date. In addition, be sure to boil the cans for 20 minutes before consumption.

Remember to open all the contents after opening the can. Otherwise, the rest of it can be poured into a container with a lid to use it in the next meal. Of course, be careful not to use this method for tuna.

  • Noodles

It’s another good food for nature walks. Noodles and other ready-to-eat foods are among the foods that take less time and are easy to prepare.

  • Types of sandwiches

Sandwiches are also good food for hiking and traveling. If your schedule is such that you do not have the opportunity to cook on your trip. You can prepare a variety of sandwiches. Sandwiches that can be eaten cold are a better option. For example, ham sandwiches and olive salad are cold sandwiches suitable for travel.

Suitable food for nature walks and short trips

Equipment needed for hiking

One of the essentials of the trip is to have a small trip stove to cook food suitable for hiking. Use it if you do not manage to light a fire or do not have the necessary energy to collect wood and light a fire.

Be sure to go among the accessories that you take with you to nature. Put on a small, lightweight kettle to enjoy hot drinks during the trip. Although most people prefer not to have extra utensils with them, it is necessary to have several different dishes with you to prepare and use your food. Having a utensil or pot for cooking and carrying a knife, fork, spoon, plate and glass is one of the important things you need to bring with you.

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