Introducing some Gilani foods for vegetarians

Introducing some Gilani foods for vegetarians

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Introducing some Gilani foods for vegetarians

Rasht is registered as a creative food city in UNESCO. If you have noticed, it is quite clear that this city and the province of Gilan have a high variety of food and how much creativity there is in the recipe of each food. In the list of Gilani foods, you can see many items of Gilani food for vegetarians. Of course, there are eggs in the recipe of some Gilani plant foods, these foods are suitable for vegetarians who do not have a ban on eating eggs in their diet.

Some Gilani plant foods for vegetarians

In this article, the blog of Rijan Tourism Restaurant, Baytan, has considered how to prepare some Gilani plant foods. It can be used by ordinary people who eat any food and can be used by vegetarians.

You can make and taste these foods both at home with fresh ingredients and  try the attractive taste of these foods on your trip to Rasht in  the beautiful restaurants of Rasht and the best restaurants in Rasht.

Introducing some Gilani foods for vegetarians

How to prepare leek

Koi Tareh is one of the local dishes of Gilan province. This dish is a combination of squash and garlic, which creates a delicious taste. This food can be prepared in a short time, which is served both hot and cold.

ingredientsthe amount of
SquashHalf number
Walnut150 g
Pomegranate paste, tomato paste and sugar Two tablespoons of each
Salt, pepper, turmeric and angelicaenough

First, mash the garlic thoroughly with a meat grinder, then fry in oil. Then peel the pumpkin that you have already cooked. Puree the squash and put it in the same pan where you fried the garlic. Mix the ingredients well. Then add the ground walnuts, pomegranate paste, tomato paste, water, salt, pepper, turmeric and sugar to the pot and boil for two hours on low heat. Add the squash, garlic, angelica and spices and stir to make a thick mixture. Once prepared, you can also serve it with rice.

How to prepare Mirza Ghasemi

Mirza Ghasemi is one of the local dishes of Gilani, which is popular all over the country. Some also consume this food as an appetizer.

ingredientsthe amount of
EggplantNumber 5
tomato3 Number
GarlicA plant
egg3 Number
Salt, pepper, oilTo the extent necessary
Introducing some Gilani foods for vegetarians

First we roast the eggplants. Then we take their skin and mash or chop them as desired. Put the tomatoes in boiling water so that the skin is easily peeled. After peeling the tomatoes, chop them.

Beat the garlic and put it in a frying pan and fry it a little. Add the eggplants and tomatoes to the pan and wait for the water to drain well and add a little oil.

Now add salt and pepper to our ingredients and then add the eggs and stir until it sets and mixes well with the food. You can decorate and serve your prepared food as you wish.

How to make toast

Roasted cheese is one of the local dishes of Gilani. This food is also known as Gilani omelette. Gilanis usually prepare this food using local cheese, which creates a unique taste.

ingredientsthe amount of
Local cheese or breakfast150 g
egg3 Number
Grated garlic4 drops
Dry dillTo the extent necessary
Butter40 g
Salt, pepper and zucchiniTo the extent necessary
Introducing some Gilani foods for vegetarians

First, put the butter in a frying pan and fry the garlic in it. After frying, add garlic to it and let it soften and cook. You can use any cheese available. Then add spices and dried dill to the pan and let it cook. Finally add the eggs to the ingredients and mix well. Now you can serve it as you wish.

You can also see how to prepare Gilani original kebab kal, another Gilani meatless dish, on the blog.

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