How to teach some delicious noni dishes without meat

How to teach some delicious noni dishes without meat

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Noni food without meat

One of the most consumed foods among Iranians is rice and bread, which are consumed in every meal. If you are tired of eating rice and love noni food , Rasht restaurant has prepared some excellent noni dishes without meat for you to prepare and have a delicious meal for yourself. Stay with us in the future.

Potato Burani

Potato burani can be considered as the simplest noni dish without meat, which is usually served with bread.

ingredientsthe amount of
potatoThree medium numbers
OilTwo tablespoons
Turmeric, salt, red pepperTo the extent necessary

How to prepare potato burani

First, peel the potatoes, cut them into rings and put them in the pot. Pour a cup of water along with oil, salt, turmeric and red pepper on the potatoes and turn on the stove flame. After the contents of the pot boil, lower the heat on the stove and let the potatoes steam. Finally, mash the potatoes with a meat grinder.

Teaching some delicious noni food without meat

Mushroom omelette

ingredientsthe amount of
egg3 Number
mushroom4 medium numbers
Chives3 stems
Green pepper1 x
Salt and black pepperenough

How to prepare

First, we wash the onions and set them aside. We rinse the mushrooms very quickly and take the skin on them and cut them into slices on the kitchen board.

We put a pan on low heat and pour oil into it and let it heat up, then we put the sliced ​​mushrooms in the pan and fry them, and we pour a pinch of salt on the mushrooms and fry them continuously. Let it cook.

Then we break the eggs into a bowl and if they are healthy, we pour them into a bowl and beat them well with a hand mixer until they come out of the shell. Then we put the scallions on the kitchen board.

Then we chop it finely with a knife and pour it into the eggs, and again we mix them completely with a hand mixer and add them to the mushrooms and fry the mod for a while and let the omelet take its own shape. .

We turn on the high flame and put the hot green pepper on the flame just like we do when we want to grill the eggplant and let it get a little grilled and then put it on the kitchen board.

Then we finely chop it from the end and pour it on the omelette. We do this quickly, it makes the omelette get a good spicy and smoky taste. Of course, you can also use sweet green pepper.

Then, after the omelet is fully cooked, we lift half of the mushroom omelet with a spatula and fold it over the other half and place it in a plate and decorate it with ketchup sauce and enjoy.

Teaching some delicious noni food without meat

fried mushroom

Undoubtedly, the unique taste of fried mushroom and its charming appearance will attract every audience. To prepare fried mushrooms in a restaurant and attractive way, it is necessary to prepare the following ingredients.

ingredientsthe amount of
Fresh mushroomshalf a kilogram
baking powderHalf a tablespoon
Frying oilenough
Corn starchhalf a cup
BreadcrumbsOne and a half pints
WaterA cup
SaltA tablespoon
White flourA cup

How to prepare fried mushrooms

Wash the mushrooms clean and let their excess water drain and dry completely. Mix white flour, salt, baking powder and cornstarch until they are uniform, then slowly add water and mix until you get a thick paste. To fry mushrooms, first dip the mushrooms in the sauce you prepared and then dip them in bread flour. Then put the mushrooms in hot oil and fry.

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