Decorating a variety of Persian and French dishes and their effect

Decorating a variety of Persian and French dishes and their effect

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Decorating a variety of Persian and French dishes and their effect

Undoubtedly, the method chosen to serve food will have a great impact on customer satisfaction. There are many factors and methods for decorating and sorting food that knowing them can greatly add to the beauty and attractiveness of food. In this section, join us to explain the decoration of various Iranian and French dishes and their effect.

Decorate a variety of Persian dishes

What is food decoration?

In general, food decoration is a set of preparations that are done to beautify and shape the plate or table. These supplies can include the use of extra food for design, various cuts and the use of special utensils. In general, stylish and beautiful design and decoration can be considered as features of a good restaurant .

Decorate a variety of Persian dishes

Rules that must be followed to decorate food

Suppose your customer is looking for the best restaurant in Rasht while traveling to Rasht . The first thing that can drive customers to your restaurant is the beautiful appearance of your food, which has been accessed through internet searches. Therefore, observing the tips and requirements for decorating food and plates is of special importance.

Your plate should be neither too full nor too empty

The edges of the plate should be empty of food or piles

Observe the color contrast of plates and dishes

Sometimes asymmetry is more attractive

Try serving the sauce in a separate bowl

Do not use non-edible tools to decorate food

Decorating a variety of Persian and French dishes

The importance of colors in the design and decoration of food can not be ignored. When choosing a color, keep in mind that each color has its own effect

Blue colors generally reduce appetite

Orange colors increase appetite

Red is exciting

The green color is soft and pleasant and calms

Black is a special and modern color and you must have enough skill to use it

Use plant materials in food decoration

Plant materials with a variety of colors can be a great option for decorating a variety of foods. The use of green plants that have freshness and freshness in decorating a variety of foods gives the customer the idea that everything is healthy and fresh in this place. On the other hand, colored vegetables such as cabbage, corn, peas, carrots, colored bell peppers, mushrooms, etc. can be used in food decoration.

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