The trick and the correct method of freezing food

The trick and the correct method of freezing food

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The trick and the correct method of freezing food

Everyone uses different methods for long-term storage of vegetables and various meats and fruits. One of the best ways to prolong the life of some foods is to freezing food. In this article, the blog of the best restaurant in Rasht , Rٍٍeezhan tourism restaurant, explains how to freeze food properly.

Tips on freezing food

Use plastic containers or freezer bags to freeze food. Glassware is not suitable for this purpose. Because they crack when exposed to a sudden change in temperature. Remember that freezer bags are different. Freezer bags made of thicker plastic contain additives that do not break in the freezer, but regular sandwich bags or some other storage bags do not.

The trick and the correct method of freezing food

Try to put food in smaller sizes in the freezer. This not only speeds up the defrosting process, but also prevents food from being wasted. For example, instead of pouring stew or soup into a large container, keep it in separate, smaller containers.

Freeze vegetables

The best way to freeze fresh vegetables is to blanch or simmer them. One of the most important things about vegetables is that they can be eaten after defrosting. To simmer after slicing and blanching the vegetables, boil them for one to two minutes with water and then quickly place them in a water and ice bath to stop cooking. After the excess water has drained out and dried, the vegetables Place in the freezer and after freezing, transfer to the freezer bag or storage container.

Freezing fruits is the same way, but you can eliminate blanching. For example, you can freeze bananas with the skin completely.

Freeze all kinds of meat

You should put these foods in the freezer as soon as you get home. Raw meat should not be refrigerated for more than three days and then transferred to the freezer. Remove the meat from the plastic containers. Divide the minced meat before freezing. If you pack these materials in two layers. Both extend their shelf life and prevent freezer burns.

The trick and the correct method of freezing food

Also, put meat and seafood in the coldest part of the freezer for two to three months. Before cooking, put the meat in the refrigerator for a few hours to melt the ice.

Freeze soup and stew

To freeze soups, stews, and snacks that are watery, first make sure the temperature has cooled and at least wait until the food fat has hardened and is visible on the surface of the ingredients. Remove these fats from the surface of the food and discard. Then transfer the oral liquid to the container and place it in the freezer.

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