Proper food and diet for heart patients

Proper food and diet for heart patients

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Proper food and diet for heart patients

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. 40% of deaths in Iran are related to cardiovascular patients. The increase in this type of disease is due to changes in diet, physical activity and smoking. Which has arisen due to changes in lifestyle caused by industrial urbanization.

Today, people consume more high-calorie foods than in the past. They have a high-energy diet, on the other hand, they have less mobility and physical activity. Therefore, one of the most important factors to prevent cardiovascular disease is changing the diet and choosing the right food to eat.

Proper food and diet for heart patients

Proper nutrition for heart patients

The diet of cardiovascular patients should be balanced and have enough variety for each meal. Balance in order to receive food and energy through diet is proportional to the amount of activity and daily needs of the person. Variety in heart disease foods means using all food groups in the right amount in heart disease nutrition. Even people should pay attention to their nutrition when going to one of the restaurants in Rasht .
The energy intake of cardiovascular patients is adjusted according to their individual characteristics such as age, sex, weight, disease status and.. It is different for each person and it is not possible to determine a specific calorie for the diet of a heart patient.
Variety of heart disease diets include the use of different food groups such as dairy, cereals, vegetables, fruits and protein in different meals. Each meal should include at least three groups of foods. Also, be sure to eat a group of vegetables with meals.

Reduce fat intake in the diet of heart patients

Proper diet reduces blood lipid levels by 5 to 10 percent. On average, a 1% reduction in blood lipid levels reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 2%. For this reason, having a proper diet for cardiovascular disease with the right amount of fat can greatly prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Reduce sugar intake in the heart patient diet

Excessive consumption of sugars and starches, especially simple sugars such as rice, pasta, sweets, cakes, chocolate, jams, honey and soft drinks, can cause weight gain, high blood pressure and high blood fats. Which eventually leads to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, excessive consumption of them should be avoided in the diet of the cardiovascular patient.
If you consume substances such as rice in your diet, try not to consume it alone and consume it with beans. Instead of white rice, use bean pilaf, lentil pilaf and..
Use fresh fruits and dried fruits instead of sweets and chocolates. Note that fruits also have high sugar. Excessive consumption of them in the diet of cardiovascular patients.
Also, instead of using industrial beverages, it is better to use natural juices. Avoid consuming too much sugar with tea or in the diet of a cardiovascular patient.

Proper food and diet for heart patients

Salt consumption and its role in heart disease

Consumption of salt in the diet of cardiovascular patients should be allowed in the minimum amount. People who eat more salt in their diet will also have higher blood pressure. Sodium in table salt increases blood pressure. The maximum allowable amount of salt in the diet of cardiovascular patients is 5 grams. Which is equivalent to a teaspoon of salt. To reduce salt intake in the diet of cardiovascular patients, we should separate the allowable daily salt at the beginning of the day and avoid consuming more salt until the end of the day.
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