Introducing the right meat for every meal

Introducing the right meat for every meal

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Introducing the right meat for every meal

You have probably thought about which meat is right for each meal when buying meat. If you join us in the blog of Reezhan Tourism Restaurant, the best restaurant in Rasht, you will get the answers to your questions. Choosing the right meat for each meal greatly affects the taste of the food. Stews are traditional Iranian dishes, most of which use meat. How to prepare each depends on the taste of the people of each city. Meat is used in a variety of foods and has a great impact on the taste of food.

Introducing the right meat for every meal

Types of meat for a variety of foods

Mutton or lamb is called bony meat that has less fat than beef. The nature of beef and beef is colder than the nature of mutton, which is why some people are more inclined to eat mutton. Beef is also cheaper than mutton, and it is interesting to know that meat that is pale red and the bones around it are pink and the fat is white is young, soft and juicy. The bright red flesh with a yellowish-gray fat belongs to the old animal.

Meat suitable for soups, burgers, cutlets and stews

Neck meat is one of the most delicious parts of mutton. Neck meat can be cut into small pieces and used in cooking various stews. The most delicious pieces are pieces of meat that have a piece of meat of the same color with a layer of fat next to each other.

Introducing the right meat for every meal

The meat around the neck is also very suitable for soups, broths, burgers and cutlets due to its greater mobility. Neck meat has several properties, including a significant presence of omega-3s and protein.

Mutton has a large amount of iron that the iron in the neck of the sheep is easily absorbed by the body and easily digested. Eating some neck meat provides 20% of the iron a man needs and 12% of the iron a woman needs daily. This meat is useful for the growth and strengthening of the immune system.

To cook neck meat, you can separate the excess fat from the neck and divide it into small pieces. Half of the fat in sheep carcasses is unsaturated. Therefore, eating it is not harmful to people and makes food tastier.

Meat suitable for ribs or skewers

Rib meat is another delicacy of mutton. This meat is soft, crunchy, high-fat, tender and tasty. Sheep ribs are used to prepare one of the most popular types of kebabs, namely rib kebab, which is known as shish kebab. Reezhan restaurant, one of the popular restaurants in Rasht , serves Kermanshahi rib kebab for you in an original way that you can enjoy its pleasant taste.

Introducing the right meat for every meal

Meat suitable for a variety of kebabs

The flesh of the breast and the head of the breast, which is part of the lower abdomen of a sheep. Sheep breast should be lightly cooked and the fat part should be removed. You can separate the breast from the ribs and cook it with fragrant vegetables. This meat is suitable for stews, all kinds of kebabs and is very delicious. Also, the brisket, which is placed in front of the animal’s chest, is very tasty and is used for a variety of foods.

Meat suitable for a variety of Iranian stews

The head meat is from the lower part of the sheep’s knee. Which is wide and flat. The head makes up about 27% of the carcass weight and includes the arm and shoulder muscles. The sheep’s shoulder is located in the lower half of the sheep’s body, which is cheaper than the thigh due to the presence of bone. You can prepare a delicious kebab from this part with fragrant vegetables. Head meat is used to prepare a variety of stews.

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