Foods consumed before bed + their effect on sleep quality

Foods consumed before bed + their effect on sleep quality

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Foods consumed before bed + their effect on sleep quality

Eating food before bed can have a big impact on the quality of sleep. In fact, it does not matter what the sleeping time is like. It is important to have peace and comfort in sleep. Reezhan Tourism Restaurant, the best restaurant in Rasht , explains the effect of some foods consumed before bed so that you know more about their effect.

Foods that affect sleep quality

There is nothing more annoying than insomnia and lack of peace in sleep. Although in scientific studies there is little difference about the food consumed before bedtime. Eating the right food before bed is one of the important things that need to be paid a little more attention to.

Consumption of fluids

Water consumption during the day is very important. But the fluids used before going to bed can bother you and make you go to the toilet while you sleep.

Foods consumed before bed + their effect on sleep quality

Caffeine consumption

Coffee is a caffeinated beverage, which is one of the unhealthy foods to eat at bedtime. Even less caffeine in foods such as chocolate, soft drinks, tea and است can cause this insomnia problem. It is best not to eat caffeinated foods at all 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

Consume potatoes

Potatoes are a good food that will give you a good night’s sleep. Due to the presence of complex carbohydrates and the presence of potassium, this food leads to muscle relaxation and drowsiness.

Consume cherry and sour cherry fruits

In the diet, cherry fruit is one of the best and few natural foods that contain melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical that helps regulate our internal clock.

It has also been suggested that drinking cherry juice in adults suffering from insomnia may have little effect on improving the length and quality of their sleep.

Foods consumed before bed + their effect on sleep quality

Red Bull Drink

Red Bull is a caffeinated beverage. Each 226 grams of Red Bull energy drink contains approximately 80 mg of caffeine or 28 g of espresso. It has been said that it can take up to 8 hours for caffeine to go away in some people. So taking Red Bull is also an unsuitable option before going to bed.

Consume cereals and skim milk

Cereals and low-fat milk are often eaten for breakfast, but can be a good pre-bedtime meal. Milk contains tryptophan and amino acids and is a hypnotic food. You just have to make sure that the milk is low in fat because milk with full fat is slow to digest and delays sleep. Also, eating complex carbohydrate products four hours before bedtime can improve sleep quality.

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