A few good drinks after a meal

A few good drinks after a meal

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A few good drinks after a meal

When it comes to drinks, our minds turn to the drinks we most often consume with food. Drinks such as water, buttermilk, soft drinks and… which are common drinks that are consumed with or after meals at parties and ordinary days. But it should be noted that consuming appropriate drinks after a meal to avoid problems.

When we go to the beautiful restaurants of Rasht to eat, it becomes very difficult for us to choose the right drink with the unique food of this city. In this article, one of the best restaurants in Rasht, Rijan Tourism Restaurant, has told you some of the suitable drinks that can be used after a meal. To decide on the right drink.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for drinks

A few drinks suitable for after meals

Some people have difficulty digesting food. That is, they feel heavy after eating and their digestive system does not function properly.

There are simple and effective ways to deal with digestive problems. You can help your digestive system digest food by preparing simple copper drinks. In the following, the names of some of these drinks are told to you.


Water is the best drink available to hydrate the body and if it is drunk between meals, it helps the food to pass through the intestines. But if you have trouble digesting food and you feel heavy in your stomach after eating, you should not drink water with food. To solve your problem, you need to drink water before and after meals so that the enzymes that are released during eating are not diluted and digestion is not difficult. Note that water also reduces nausea in some pregnant women. It is true that this method is temporary, but in any case, it is the simplest and most practical way to deal with nausea.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for drinks

Carbonated water

Carbonated water is effective in improving and speeding up digestion. These waters contain sodium, calcium and magnesium, which reduce the feeling of heaviness after eating. Of course, it is better to avoid excessive consumption of these waters because they contain sodium.

 Green tea with antioxidants

In traditional Chinese medicine, green tea was used to relieve digestive problems and speed up the excretion of alcohol and other toxins from the body. New research has shown that green tea also helps to eliminate body fat and lose weight.

However, if you suffer from problems such as liver problems, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not overdose on this tea. In addition to receiving antioxidants, people can help improve their digestion by drinking green tea during the day.

Vegetable juice

If you overeat fatty foods, vegetable juices are a good choice. Carrot juice, cabbage, cucumber and radish are good. It is necessary to consume the juice of these vegetables immediately to enjoy all their properties. Carrot juice alone is also effective in relieving digestive problems.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for drinks

Hot water with lemon

Lemon cleanses the liver, also provides vitamin C to the body and helps digest and excrete fats. Sour lemon stimulates kidney function and rid you of toxins or unnecessary toxins.

The combination of lemon with warm water gently stimulates the digestive system and also helps to hydrate the body. This useful drink relieves the feeling of heaviness after a meal. In some cases, pregnant women use this simple drink to control and reduce nausea. But it is better to use fresh lemon slices.

Cola drinks

Consuming a small amount of this drink helps digest some foods. However, regular and extreme use of this drink is harmful to the body. Because it damages the gastrointestinal wall.

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